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About JUUL Vape Brand

JUUL Brand Story

If there’s one household name in the vaping world, "JUUL" would arguably hold the Number One spot. Pax Labs' e-cigarette was so successful, it prompted the founders to create a separate company around it. Established in 2007 by James Monsees and Adam Bowen, Pax Labs was the original company behind the JUUL vape. Pax became famous for its line of Pax dry herb and concentrate vaporizes aimed toward marijuana users. In 2015, Pax Labs introduced the JUUL vape. It enjoyed phenomenal success, ultimately prompting Monsees and Bowen to launch JUUL Labs in 2017. It did not take long for their company to thrive. Like its predecessor, Pax Labs, JUUL Labs enjoyed a great deal of success, bringing $2 billion in revenue in 2018 alone.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission is quite simple. They entered the industry with the intent of creating "a satisfying alternative for adult smokers". The company is also heavily focused on social responsibility. They fully support reasonable regulations and have safeguards in place to prevent youth access on their website. They also help enforce compliance for local vendors by imposing stiff penalties if products are sold to minors. Put simply, JUUL Labs doesn’t want their product to revive smoking for a new generation. Their focus is on giving adult smokers an effective way to quit smoking and – ideally – lower or eliminate their dependence on nicotine.

Latest JUUL Starter Kit Device

Vaping have been mainstream for several years now. But despite the fact that they're more complex and fun to use, most are unable to provide the nicotine "hit" that some smokers need. Once nicotine salts became available, it opened the door for stronger nicotine delivery. Use of nicotine salts ensures that smokers get a similar amount of nicotine offered by conventional cigarettes. The JUUL Starter Kit simplifies vaping in every way. Interchangeable JUUL Pods mean no messy refills. The device heats its e-liquid when users inhale, so there are no buttons or settings to learn about. Its small size keeps it discreet and it charges quickly using a simple USB JUUL charger. Each JUUL pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid, which is equivalent to 200 puffs (approximately one pack of cigarettes). Although initially designed for extremely high levels of nicotine, the company now offers pods with nicotine levels as low as 3%.