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What is a Vape Pod?

At their core, refillable and pre-filled pods are the same. Intended for use in small e-cigarette pod systems, these products contain a specific amount of flavored e-liquid, depending on the model.

Most importantly, however, these pods work well for heavy smokers, as their nicotine content can far exceed that of larger vape devices. This is because these pods are designed for nicotine salts – a form of nicotine that allows the liquid to carry a higher concentration than the conventional “freebase” variety. When it comes to the difference between refillable and pre-filled pods, the terms are pretty self-explanatory.

Pre-Filled Pods

Pre-filled pods are disposable cartridges containing your chosen e-liquid. Once a pod is empty, just toss it and reload. If you want to describe pre-filled, disposable pods in one word, it would be “convenient”. The ability to simply vape through a pod, toss in another one and keep going, makes it an attractive choice for newcomers. They’re also much cheaper – with a four-pack costing around $15 to $20. Given that each pod can typically carry the equivalent puffs of an entire cigarette pack, it’s certainly a lot of bang for your buck.

Refillable Pods

Refillable pods work in the same fashion as pre-filled ones. They’re essentially a hybrid, functioning like a disposable pod, but designed for reuse like a regular vape tank. Rather than just disposing of them, you simply add more e-juice once the pods are empty. Refillable pods are a great choice if you don’t want to keep buying more pod packs. Once the pod is spent, just refill it and keep going. Because a bottle of e-liquid carries more volume for the same price or less, refillable pods are worth the investment. Put simply, “value” is the perfect word to describe refillable pods.