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    SMOK brings versatility to the SMOK NORD Pod System with its two high-performance SMOK Nord Coils. The two distinctly designed coils offered give a...

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About SMOK Vape Brand

SMOK Brand Story

When it comes to major players in the vape industry, SMOK needs little introduction. This massive vape company offers a diverse line of vape products, from simple vape pens, pod systems to advanced box mods.  It also offers some of the best tanks, coils and RTAs in the industry. Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited founded the SMOK vape brand in 2010. SMOK and its products are the outcome of IVPS’ advanced knowledge of vape technology, research, production and sales.

It didn't take long for SMOK vape products to garner what could arguably be described as a cult following. By 2017, the brand had 80 million consumers worldwide and continues to grow with every new product. Although the brand does offer some simpler pod devices, its main focus is the "high-end" crowd.

Mission and Philosophy

Most of SMOK vape products appeal to the "high-end" crowd, but they are currently working to expand their beginner line of vape products. For the most part, however, SMOK customers have at least a basic understanding of vaping. Given its huge customer base, it should come as no surprise that SMOK puts a great deal of value on community and shared experience. With its new Vaping Tour app, customers have access to fellow vapers all over the world, where they can discuss their experiences, make friends or chat about any vaping topic they choose.

Customer service is one of SMOK's core philosophies. With so many people to serve, keeping customers happy is no small feat. Regardless, they managed to overcome that obstacle with resounding success. They approach customer service as a social interaction, rather than a simple business function. SMOK sees each of their dedicated supporters as friends, not clients. For SMOK, quality and safety are paramount. Put simply, they aim to create an enjoyable vaping experience as the work hard to help smokers choose a safer, healthier lifestyle.

Latest SMOK Pod Devices

SMOK is always developing new product lines or updating existing tried-and-true ones, including the SMOK Infinix and SMOK Novo.

SMOK Infinix

In what is arguably a big deviation from their usual products, SMOK designed the Infinix line with the utmost simplicity in mind. Intended for smokers who want a satisfying vape that's easy to use, the SMOK Infinix is great for people who are just switching from cigarettes. At 110 x 19.5 x 11mm, the Infinix is a bit larger than some devices of its kind. Despite this, it's still very lightweight, at only 22g.

The SMOK Infinix carries a 250mAh, USB-chargeable battery with an output of 10 to 16W. In terms of input, the devices ranges from 3.3V to 4.2V. Like many devices of its kind, the Infinix doesn't rely on a manual firing mechanism. Instead, you simply activate it by inhaling. Meanwhile, a small LED light keeps users informed on the battery status. The vape uses SMOK Infinix Pods, which are easy to fill thanks to the included e-liquid filling bottle.


The SMOK Novo is another line of vape products geared toward beginners. At 88.3 x 24.3 x 14.3mm and weighing 40g, this slightly larger device offers more power in exchange for more weight. Novo employs a 450mAh battery, which offers superb power and battery life, chargeable via the included USB cable. It provides a 3.3 to 4.2V input and 10 to 16W output for excellent vapor and flavor. Keeping inline with many vapes of its class, the Novo relies on a refillable SMOK NOVO Pods with 2ml e-liquid capacity.