SMOK Novo Pods

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Designed for the SMOK Novo Starter Kit, the distinctive SMOK Novo Pods consist of a whistle shaped mouthpiece, an atomizer, and a 2mL capacity tank for nicotine salt infused e-liquids. The device utilizes intuitive draw activation through the comfortable mouthpiece. The design allows the kit to be free of buttons, allowing the convenience of easy use if the device is charged. The SMOK Novo replacement pod attaches to the Novo mod through a convenient proprietary magnetic connection. While the SMOK Novo Pod detached, it can be filled with nicotine salt infused e-liquid through a side-mounted rubber plug.

Holding 2ml of e-liquid, the cartridge is optimally filled on its side as not to spill any e-juice. Once filled, the plug should be firmly pressed into place to avoid leakage. Once slid the SMOK Novo Pod is slid into place, the remaining e-liquid can be viewed through a viewing window on the device. This allows users to refill e-liquid before it would cause burning. SMOK has made the SMOK Novo Starter Kit intuitive for both beginners and small for those who just want a discreet way to get a nicotine fix.

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