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    Available separately from its device either as replacement or spare, the Suorin Drop Pods offer convenience and security to one’s vaping. The pods ...

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About Suorin Vape Brand

Suorin Brand Story

While perhaps not as well-known as some of the bigger brands, Suorin vape line of pod-based portable kits deserves attention. Backed by a world leader in electronics manufacturing, Suorin offers a variety of pod products to help smokers of all backgrounds.

Established in 2012, Suorin's headquarters are located in China – the same country where the original e-cigarette was invented. Although Suorin plans to expand into other products – such as dry herb, box mods, tanks and CBD devices – the company currently offers a line of portable vaporizers.

Today, Suorin's influence continues to spread. They now export their products to several countries, including the U.S.A., Canada, Spain, Russia, Korea, Germany, Poland and Japan – to name a few. Suorin isn’t alone. It partners with Foxconn, a prominent electronics manufacturer with clients throughout the world. Known for producing products like iPhones, iPads, blackberries and video game consoles from all three major brands.

Mission and Philosophy

Suorin's goal is to provide consumers with the most advanced, quality pod products possible. It achieves this through a dedicated research and development team who works tirelessly to make their pod systems better with each generation. The company wants to create the best possible alternative for adult smokers. Simplicity and sleek design are two things that Suorin vape includes with all of its products.

Latest Suorin Pod Devices

Suorin offers a few lines of vape products, but its most prominent ones are the Suorin Drop and Suorin Air.

Suorin Drop Starter Kit

As its name implies, the Suorin Drop gets its name from the 73 x 49 x 12mm water drop design. The wide base and thin top means that the vape fits perfectly into the palm, for a discreet and portable experience. Sporting a 300mAh battery, the device charges quickly with its included USB cable. A simple LED indicator keeps users updated on the charge level.

As far as simplicity is concerned, the Drop is as user-friendly as it gets. The device fires with inhalation – no buttons or confusing settings. It's 1.3 to 1.4ohm resistance level is low enough to produce great flavor and vapor without the intensity of a sub-ohm device. The Suorin Drop employs a simple, refillable cartridge system. With a 2ml e-liquid capacity Suorin Drop Pods, you'll spend more time vaping and less time reloading.

Suorin Air Starter Kit

The Suorin Air device is a slightly more advanced and powerful vape pod system. Naturally, this affects it's size and weight, at 86 x 43mm and 35g. Nonetheless, it is still light and portable. Its 400mAh battery charges rapidly with the included USB cable. An easy to read battery life indicator uses a simple light to show the battery status.

Although turned on by an on/off switch, firing still occurs when you inhale, saving the hassle of pressing a button or fiddling with different settings. The Suorin Air is easily reloaded with a 2ml refillable Suorin Air Pods, providing plenty of e-liquid capacity to minimize reloading.