Suorin Drop Pods

by Suorin
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Available separately from its device either as replacement or spare, the Suorin Drop Pods offer convenience and security to one’s vaping. The pods (or cartridges) consist of 100% Organic Japanese Cotton and a single micro coil with in its plastic frame. The Suorin Drop Pods allow the device to utilize a draw-activated firing mechanism, which allows for an intuitive transition for new vapers. The pods are held firmly to mod section with strong magnets, making for a smooth and consistent appearance. The pod can hold up to 2mL of vape juice and can be refilled through the two rubber seals located on the bottom of the Suorin Drop Pod. The cartridge can be refilled these pods several times without any mess or inconvenient maintenance. The Suorin Drop Starter Kit is capable with standard e-juices, but for the best quality flavor nicotine-salt based liquids will provide a remarkably smooth and clean draw.

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