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    VOOPOO consistently puts versatility to the forefront of their products and the VOOPOO Panda Pods exemplify this philosophy. While included with th...

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About VOOPOO Vape Brand

VOOPOO Brand Story

While the name may not carry as much weight as bigger players like SMOK, Aspire or JUUL, VOOPOO still has a significant presence, and is arguably one of the most underrated vape companies today. But the brand is making its way up, relying heavily on its unique and masterfully-crafted vape devices to carve its place in the vape community. VOOPOO vape is a relatively new company. Established in 2014, this China-based organization actually started out in the medical and industrial sector and had nothing to do with e-cigarettes.

This all changed in 2017, when VOOPOO acquired WOODYVAPES, an American e-cigarette brand. Since then, VOOPOO vape expanded throughout the globe, with locations in Canada, the United States, Russia, Western Europe and Asia. They currently employ over 500 people, 100 of whom are strictly dedicated to R&D, with the goal of creating new and better products to meet the market’s evolving needs.

Mission and Philosophy

VOOPOO's mission is to meet the needs of millions of vapers throughout the world. With breakthroughs in design, efficiency and safety, their products appeal to every vaper. From simple beginner devices to complex expert mods, VOOPOO vape has everyone covered. Aside from meeting industry standards and adhering to required manufacturing practices, VOOPOO is painfully aware of the massive market of knockoffs saturating cheap vape websites. To combat this, the company offers two ways to verify authenticity. The first is a simple reflective sticker on each product, which changes its appearance in a specific way when exposed to light.

Latest VOOPOO Pod Device

VOOPOO Panda Starter Kit

The VOOPOO Panda Starter Kit comes with everything a vaper needs to dip their toe into the world of pod vaping. While slightly more complex than other devices, this vape product is still easy to use and worth every penny. One thing that makes the VOOPOO Panda really stand out is its compatibility with both standard e-liquids and nic salts. This gives vapers a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to the juices they use.

The refillable 5ml VOOPOO Panda Pods are available in 0.8 ohm and 1.2 ohm varieties for standard freebase liquids and nic salts respectively. Unlike many pod systems, which use cheap synthetic wicking material, the Panda Pods stick with high-quality organic cotton used in much more advanced devices. In terms of size, the VOOPOO Panda is quite portable, measuring in at 75 x 47.5 x 27.4mm. Its egg-shaped design is sleek and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.

One truly remarkable feature about the VOOPOO Panda is its sheer power. While most vapes of its class might carry a 300 to 450mah battery, the Panda's comes in at a colossal 1100mah. While this means a longer battery life, it also requires a lot more time to charge - 90 minutes according to the manufacturer - with the included micro USB cable.